Macaroni Pizza

So one of the things I love about the kids’ daycare is that they get to go on field trips. This week they went to Papa John's and "made" pizza (i.e. picked out their toppings and watched them being made) and they also went to Soccer Zone. Anyway... after she went to Papa John's, I asked her about her experience.

"Madisyn, did you go make pizza today?"

"Yes, we did"

"What did you put on your pizza?"


"Really? You put macaroni on your pizza?"

"Yes, I had macaroni on my pizza."

Rob pipes in, "Do you pepperoni?"

"Yeah, pepperoni." :D


Josh and Kate plus 1 Friday, February 08, 2008 6:45:00 PM  

SO cute! I love it when they pronounce things wrong! It's the best. Hey, I can't publish the comment you left b/c the news isn't out to everyone yet...but things are good & we're getting excited! Small bumps w/ Josh's transfer, so please just pray that the Lord provides. Love you guys! =)

(photograph by Tina Vink, link on picture as well as below)
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Tiece of Cake

I've finally decided to make a blog (Tiece of cake) dedicated to cakes... as to not consume the family blog.

(photograph by Mindy Leigh Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Madisyn Grace

Madisyn Grace
"Baby" & "M" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Landon Adrian

Landon Adrian
"LD" & "Bubba" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)