Daddy's day (belated)

I love my Dad because: he plays with me

My Dad is really good at: hunting (I was surprised that Madisyn remembered that Rob hunts, especially since the theme around our house lately has been fishing!)

My Dad helps me with: playing (see a theme?) :)

My favorite memory of Dad is: he helps me to eat

Thanks for being the most wonderful father for Madisyn and Landon. You compliment me perfectly, as both a father and a spouse! I could not asked to be more blessed! We love you, honey!

For those of you who didn't know, on Father's Day Rob headed to Alaska for work. Although we always miss each other, I think it was a little easier on him this time as he had a couple of days of fishing to keep him occupied :) In the bottom one, you can see how close the bears were to his customer's son, Nick.


Josh and Kate plus 1 Sunday, June 22, 2008 10:08:00 PM  

Wow! Your husband has a rough life! Alaska for work?! That's incredible! We'd love for you guys to stop by when you're up this way. I think we should be around. Are you working 5 days/week? We're in GR some week days when Josh has meetings. Maybe we could catch up?

(photograph by Tina Vink, link on picture as well as below)
We are a busy family of five! I enjoy time with my husband and kids, running, being outdoors, shopping for deals, and cuddling. My wonderful husband keeps busy playing with the kiddos, hunting, fishing, exercising and working on projects around the house. Madisyn is six, in 1st grade, loves being outdoors and isn't one bit afraid of bugs or worms! Landon is four, a spitting image of Daddy, and is the sweetest, naughtiest and funniest little boy, all in one! Tinley was born February 24, 2012 and has already blessed us beyond belief! Here's a glimpse into our crazy and wonderful lives... hope you enjoy!

Tiece of Cake

I've finally decided to make a blog (Tiece of cake) dedicated to cakes... as to not consume the family blog.

(photograph by Mindy Leigh Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Madisyn Grace

Madisyn Grace
"Baby" & "M" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Landon Adrian

Landon Adrian
"LD" & "Bubba" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)