So much to blog about, so little time...

I have this laundry list of things that I plan to blog about and plenty of pictures to post, but I just haven't found the time to do it! So, I'm starting in chronological order, just because my brain operates that way :)

Update on Landon: We got the hard wax removed and he had an amazing difference in hearing! That was quite a blessing! Within a few days following, I noticed that his hearing was indeed considerably better, but was still not what I would consider "normal." After doing our follow-up with the Audiologist, we found out that he still has fluid in his ears, but yet tested within the normal range for hearing. That now leaves us with the option of doing tubes if we'd like. We haven't made any decisions on that... on one hand I'd love for this hearing thing to be done with, once and for all, especially with Landon heading into school (three-school, mind you). On the other hand, I don't want to do something that isn't completely necessary and then need to deal with the little things that go along with having tubes (i.e. always having ear plugs around if he's going to swim). Neither seem to strongly outweigh the others, so we'll just keep praying about it.

At his three-year well-child visit (this is more for me than you), he was of course tall and big! He was 40.25" tall and 36 lbs., which put him in the 96th percentile for height and 86th percentile for weight... a little different than the previous year when we mistakenly got the obesity speech :) On a side note, if they had a percentile for feet, I think both he and Madisyn would be off the charts! I just can't get over how huge our kids' feet are! This doesn't mean much to most of you, but you with little ones close in age will understand; Landon wears size 11 and Madisyn wears size 1! Madisyn's shoes look like they could fit me! These kids are growing up WAY too fast!

Just for fun, above are some pictures from out Whitecaps outing with Rob's work.

(photograph by Tina Vink, link on picture as well as below)
We are a busy family of five! I enjoy time with my husband and kids, running, being outdoors, shopping for deals, and cuddling. My wonderful husband keeps busy playing with the kiddos, hunting, fishing, exercising and working on projects around the house. Madisyn is six, in 1st grade, loves being outdoors and isn't one bit afraid of bugs or worms! Landon is four, a spitting image of Daddy, and is the sweetest, naughtiest and funniest little boy, all in one! Tinley was born February 24, 2012 and has already blessed us beyond belief! Here's a glimpse into our crazy and wonderful lives... hope you enjoy!

Tiece of Cake

I've finally decided to make a blog (Tiece of cake) dedicated to cakes... as to not consume the family blog.

(photograph by Mindy Leigh Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Madisyn Grace

Madisyn Grace
"Baby" & "M" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Landon Adrian

Landon Adrian
"LD" & "Bubba" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)