Let's make a deal

Lately, Madisyn loves to try to make deals with us. We’ll ask her to do something, like pick up her toys, and she’ll say, “Okay, I’ll pick up my toys and then I can get a treat, that’ll be the deal?” It’s so cute that I tend to give in more often than not.

Or she’ll ask for something, like chicken nuggets for dinner, and we’ll say, “No, not today, we’re going to have spaghetti for dinner.”

She’ll reply, “Okay, first I’ll have pasketti and THEN I can have chicken nuggets, that’ll be the deal?” :) She’s our little optimistic.

Little boy Landon, as I like to call him, has been trying to talk lately. He babbles (i.e. mamama, dadada, nanana, ooooooo, etc…) and lately he’s begun to try to say “Uh oh.” Occasionally it’s “Uh oh,” but more often is “ugh (soft) OH (loud)” It’s fun to hear him try. He also loves waving when people say “Hi” or “Bye.”

He’s still creeping along furniture and doesn’t seem too eager to take steps on his own (although Rob swears that he took a step by accident the other day).


Josh and Kate plus 1 Monday, February 04, 2008 11:17:00 AM  

Oh she is just too funny!! What a little cutie. And Landon too! I can't wait for our boys to get to play together! =)

Katie Monday, February 04, 2008 2:07:00 PM  

Playworld sounds fun! A Saturday would actually be great since Matt's usually working then (gotta love the car business!) We want to have you guys over one of these weekends too...let us know if you're ever looking for something to do. We could eat dinner and let the kids play.

Sean, Kelli,Jonah & Laney Monday, February 04, 2008 8:41:00 PM  

Love the pictures, beautiful kids you guys! We should still get together one of these days! Hope you are doing great!

(photograph by Tina Vink, link on picture as well as below)
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Tiece of Cake

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(photograph by Mindy Leigh Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Madisyn Grace

Madisyn Grace
"Baby" & "M" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)

Landon Adrian

Landon Adrian
"LD" & "Bubba" (photograph by Melissa @ M Design and Photography, link on picture as well as below)